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Well, I know I promised to post some pictures during Market, but for some reason my computer has decided to act up.  I don’t know what the problem is, but I’m guessing it’s used to being hooked up to a workstation and it’s just not happy sitting without it – as if the thing would even have feelings!!!!  Tonight it decided it would work, so I will be happy and just write the blog I’ve been planning!!!
Market ended Monday and it was great.  Our new patterns were very well received and we sold a bunch of patterns, but I really enjoyed the chance to catch up with so many friends.  It was like being at a reunion where you had to work!!!  I wandered around a little (mostly during trips to the ladies’ room), so I don’t have a lot of pictures.  I did stop and see this beautiful Christmas quilt in the AQS Publication booth.  This quilt is one of their recently published books.  I didn’t hear the whole story, but it was apparently created by a quilter during her husband’s illness.  It was absolutely magnificent and I apologize for not having any more details.  I think it is still being displayed at Festival, so if I get a chance I will get author, title and maybe even the complete story.

Market ended at 4 pm on Monday and our plan was to bring in the rest of  the furniture we would need for Festival and be ready for the rest of set up on Tuesday.  We change from 2 ten foot booths  to 3 ten foot booths for Festival and we “assumed” the additional booth would be the one next to our side curtain.  Well you know what happens when you assume.  It seems they were changing the floor plan and the new aisle for Festival was 1 booth beyond where our Market aisle currently was – yes, that means we had to move everything we had on the aisle on to a new aisle!!!  Thank heavens Peter had flown in to help us with set up, so he was able to help us move the window, fence and swing.  Tuesday afternoon we hung the quilts (we added about 10 new ones, I think), put the furniture in place and Peter loaded in all of the bins of merchandise.  Wednesday Jackie and Cindy helped us put everything away – either out for sale, under a table for storage or in the trailer for backup.  We owe Jackie, Cindy and Peter a HUGE thank you for all of their help!!!! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Here are some pictures of the booth during set up – yes, all of those bins have kits and fabric bundles in them.




Now here are the pictures of the booth all finished!!!!  Best part, we finished early – an absolute miracle for us!!!


Our “counter” – cash register area.


Our “vignette” featuring Market Square, Madison and the Red Crinoline Favorites #1. The Halloween tree has been a big hit!!!


We moved Ship Shape over to the fence and hung A House Divided behind it.


Most of the quilts that we are showing at Festival are either new quilts (Spring or Fall Market) or re-dos of some of our favorites.  They all have kits and they are being added to the website  as we speak.  I’m not going to link each and every one of them, but go to the website and check out these new quilts: River Road Baskets, Star of  the West, Red Crinoline Favorites Collection #1, Lizzie’s Scrap Bag, Market Square, Tavern Blues, Charlotte, and Ship Shape.  These are the re-do’s: Lincoln’s Watch, Second Hand  Clothes,  Old Abe, Appomattox Courthouse, Civil War Tribute, and James River Reds.  Also on display are: A House Divided, Promised Land, Windmills, Country  Spools, Country Day Table Runner, Savannah, Carolina, and Madison.

Well, Festival opens at 10 am again tomorrow and while that shouldn’t be a problem remember we are driving in from Katy every day and that means driving in the Houston traffic!!!  UGH!!!!  My biggest complaint is  having to get up every morning while it is still dark outside!!!  I don’t do that; I stay in bed and get up after the sun has come up – I’m retired, I can do that!!!  And my other complaint – I have to put on makeup!!!!! Ok, I’ll stop complaining now.

Tomorrow I have to make a big decision.  I’ve decided I need to buy a serger, so I’ve been checking out the ones  at Festival.  It has come down to deciding if I am comfortable with buying a basic one (a Corolla) or should I buy a deluxe one (the Cadillac)!!!!!  Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!

Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


3 thoughts on “Festival

  1. Oh My Gosh!! I didn’t know you had to move all that stuff! What a bummer move on the part of the show coordinator! What was up with them this time? Putting you behind Marcus Fabrics then making you move again. Holy Cow! I love your vinette…so colorful. Keep up the great sales! Miss you both already.

  2. Really enjoyed all the pictures of your booth. Wish I could see it all in person. The Carolina Lilly quilt is my favorite. Can’t wait for you to offer kits for it again.
    Carol L

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