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Catch Up Time

It’s 6:30 in the morning, it’s still dark and I’ve been awake since 5:30.  I am a firm believer in not getting out of bed until the sun has come up, but my mind is going ninety to nothing and there’s no going back to sleep.  Sooooo I’m up and what better time for writing a very belated post.  It’s hard to believe that a month has gone by since Fall Market and Festival, but when I look back over that time and see all of things that have happened I’m amazed I’m not asleep right now – I’ve been busy and should be tired!!!!

I’ll just recap with the highlights:

–  Market and Festival were a huge success.  Actually sold out of River Road Baskets kit (making more as we speak) and Charlotte, Antique Star and Tavern Blues kits.  We also had a great time catching up with friends – it was like a giant reunion!!  A special thank you to all of our customers who stopped by to shop, chat or just say hello. Here’s a last photo of Fall Festival – all packed up and ready to go home!!

Festival end

– Arrived home, unpacked, sent all the “good” clothes to the cleaners, started a quilt for a magazine and repacked.  This time it was for a trip to upstate NY.  Julianne, the youngest granddaughter, had a tonsillectomy and I went to help.  Actually they removed her tonsils, her adenoids and replaced the tubes in her ears – total overhaul!!  All went well, but the doctor wanted her home and calm for at least a week so she would heal.  Mommy and Daddy could go back to work and I got to be “grandma”, a role I truly enjoy!!!!  Biggest challenge was digging out the winter clothes!!!

– Back home again in time for oldest daughter Megan’s arrival for Thanksgiving.  She comes for the whole week and brings her dog Tucker. Caitlin (who lives in town) packs up Copper and comes to stay here with us too.  The weather was beautiful so we were able to open the sliding glass doors to the pool area and create this big space for the dogs.  At times it seemed like a dog track as they ran from the front door, through the house, out and around the pool and back!!  I’m sure the neighbors just loved hearing me scream – “make them stop”!!!!!!!  Here’s the 3 rascals.  Why are they so attentive you ask?  Pancakes – they are waiting for their turn to catch a piece of pancake!!!

Copper, Jake and Tucker awaiting the pancake toss!!!

Copper, Jake and Tucker awaiting the pancake toss!!!

– The house emptied out, quieted down and I finished the magazine quilt.  It’s in Paula’s Freedom Rings collection and should be on its way to APQ in just a couple of days (quilting and binding being done as we speak).

– The past week I enjoyed some personal sewing time.  I decided to focus on Christmas projects, so I’ve made 5 Christmas quilt tops, finished a wool pillow that was started years ago and finished a table runner I started this summer (pretty proud of being under a year on this one!!).  Three of the quilt tops were very simple and I will do the quilting on them later this week and the other two will be professionally quilted.  I also made 2 simple flannel baby quilts and 2 dresses for my niece Paige (finished up the ruffle fabric that I had used for dresses for Sydney and Julianne).  I just love that stuff, but there’s probably only so many ruffle dresses any one child can have at one time! (Ok, I just reread this paragraph and I sure hope you are as proud of me as I am!!!!  I sure got a lot done this past week!!  Oh yeah and I decorated my house for Christmas!!!!)

Paige in her new ruffle dress.

Paige in her new ruffle dress.

What I have to look forward to in the next couple of weeks:
– The fabric arrived yesterday for a re-do of Sarah Emma in Paula’s new collection, Townhouse Gardens.  I am itching to get my hands on it, but I have to finish some shipping today and quilt those Christmas quilts!!!  Here’s a preview of the fabric:

Townhouse Gardens

Townhouse Gardens

– Paula’s coming to visit in another week so we can start working on Block of the Month 3 – yes, I know, some of you are still working on Cotton Club and have Freedom Rings waiting for its turn, but we have to be about a year ahead of you on these programs!!!  I’ve only seen the strike-offs of the fabric, so I can’t wait to see the real thing!!!  Sneak peek – it’s going to be little blocks again!!!

– Christmas in NY.  Peter and I and Megan and Caitlin (no dogs!!!) are spending Christmas with Brett and his family.  Christmas with little children – I can’t wait!!!!  Now the whole cold weather, possible snow-thing has me a little concerned.  Concerned enough to send me to Target to pick up a pair of those Fuggs (fake Ugg boots) they sell!!  I’m hoping they will act as an insurance policy:  I bought boots, so it won’t snow!!  I’ll let you know how that works!

That will take us through to the New Year and there’s all sorts of things to look forward too – retreats, cruises, new quilts, etc.

Update on last post:  I did go back and look at that Christmas quilt I mentioned.  The book is called “Santa’s Loading Dock Quilt” by Mary Buvia and it is available from American Quilter’s Society.  Check there for more details.

Well folks, the sun has come up and it looks like another beautiful day.  I think I’ll go take a walk on the beach before I finish the shipping that is overtaking my sewing room!!!  Then it’s time to get some sewing done.  There are quilts calling my name.

Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


3 thoughts on “Catch Up Time

  1. You have been busy, Mom! Glad you were able to get some work done after your children (and their chaos) left the house.

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