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Just finished day 2 at the quilt retreat at Camp Blanding in Starke, FL.  There are 185 ladies here and we are having a great time.  Everyone is in one big room – sewing machines, sewing chairs, tables, irons, ironing boards, sewing supplies and fabric – and we haven’t blown a single fuse or circuit!!!!  Camp Blanding is a Joint Training Center for the Florida Air National Guard and it is situated on Kingsley Lake.  It’s a beautiful location – great sunsets!!!!!   We all stay in the cottages, quonset huts and lodges and eat at the “mess hall” and snack bar.  Starke and Middleburg are only about 15 minutes away, so we can go there for meals also.

Day 1 was Friday and everyone was on line to move in and set up in the sewing room by 7 AM.  Lynne Hagmeier’s class (Coin Toss) was at 9 AM, so everyone wanted to get in and get settled.  I worked on finishing the Sarah Emma re-do in Paula’s new collection – Townhouse Gardens.  AND I finished it, so it is heading off to the quilter on Monday.

Sarah Emma - Townhouse GardensSmall portion of Sarah  Emma.

Day 2 was today, so I began a new project – a new quilt in another one of Paula’s new collections – the new Tavern Blues.  I worked on that until lunchtime and then it was time for a road trip.  7 of us packed into Gloria’s van and headed to Rachel’s Farmhouse in Macclenney.  Boy, did we have fun.  If  some of us had been just been a little more flexible, we could have probably gotten a little more in the van.  Some people got a little whiny when we suggested they ride on the top of the van, so we could get our purchases inside!!! LOL!!!!  We stopped for dinner and were back at the machines by 6 PM.  Tomorrow I will have to concentrate a little harder on the sewing thing!!!!  Today Pam Buda taught her “Practice What I Preach” class.

Here are some pictures I thought you  might enjoy:

Camp Blanding room - fullSewing room and some of the 185 ladies hard at work.

Camp Blanding room - emptySewing room at the end of the night and quiet for a few hours.

Back of Gloria's van

This is the back of Gloria’s van.  The wooden toolbox on top is mine.  The tartan plaid cooler (I remember taking ours to Jones Beach when I was a little kid!!!) is Gloria’s and is going to hold a Christmas tree at some point.  There’s a wagon in there, a yellow egg basket (mine) and a bread box.  Inside the van is an antique apple picker, 2 prong pitch fork, my polka dot chicken and my best purchase – a large crock – and other assorted goodies.  Good shopping trip was had by all!!!

Tomorrow is day 3 and I have a lot of sewing to do – got to make up for my fun shopping trip today!!!!  Paula arrives tomorrow night from her teaching gig at Winterfest in Utah. Looking forward to another great day.

Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


2 thoughts on “Retreat

  1. i had such a wonderful time and i got so much accomplished and i sure enjoyed meeting all the new people. thanks for allowing me into the family and taking care of me with such open arms! looking forward to September.

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