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Bragging Rights Update

Well yes indeed this has been a month for us.  “A House Divided” is in Quilt Almanac 2013 on page 62 as “Scrap Happy” and kits are available on our website (very limited quantity).  Thank you so much Cindy for finding the magazine and sending it to me AND for bragging about us on Facebook!!!  I haven’t been able to find the April/May 2013 issue of Quilt, but thank heavens for my iPad because I was able to download it and sure enough there we are in “Designer Spotlight” on page 16 and 17.  The picture was taken by my husband when Paula was here in December.  We both tend to be a little camera shy, so finding a picture of the two of us together was a challenge!!!

Spring Market quilts and the new Block of the Month have kept me busy for the past couple of weeks and I will share pictures soon, but I wanted to go back and tell you about what Paula was doing while I was at the retreat in Camp Blanding.  We did eventually meet up for our mini-retreat, but before that she was teaching in Utah at Winterfest. Winterfest 2013 was “a full service retreat for quilters” at Daniels Summit Lodge in the mountains of Utah. Paula was the featured teacher and this was the 10th year for this retreat!!!  Held in the mountains at a snowmobile lodge, Paula got to experience all the joys of a real winter – snow, an ice storm and cold temperatures!!!  Now remember, Paula is a Georgia girl that lives in Texas, so this was truly a new experience for her.

Paula taught Sallie’s Quilt and Cabin Creek.  Check out the Winterfest website for a list of the teachers and the other great classes that were offered.  Paula had a great time and it sounded like it was a wonderful retreat with door prizes and special treats for everyone.

Here’s a picture from the Sallie’s Quilt class.  Sallie’s Quilt is one of my favorite quilts and it is spread very nicely on the guest room bed.  It is also my daughter Caitlin’s favorite quilt, so I have to check when she comes to visit  to make sure it doesn’t go back home with her!!!  I think it’s probably time we consider doing a re-do.  Apparently we just need a blue fabric for the border.  I guess someone  needs to get busy designing one!!!!  Just one more thing to add to her list.

Sallie's Quilt-Winterfest

Last year Leslie Bergeson taught Lincoln’s Watch at Winterfest and four of the ladies brought their completed quilts to share with Paula.  Congratulations to Kellie Smith, Sherrey Hults, Ginny Domingues and Kathy Allred for a job well-done.  There quilts are just beautiful. (The names are not in order.)

Lincoln's Watch - Winterfest

Paula also taught Lincoln’s Watch at the September Clamp Blanding retreat and at least 3 ladies brought their completed tops to share.  Unfortunately I didn’t get their names, but I will tell you their quilts were beautiful too. Lincoln’s Watch is on the website in the new colors – browns, golds and blues.  Here’s a picture of the quilt before it was pieced so you get an idea of the colors:

Lincoln's Watch 3

Time to head out for my walk.  Little cloudy today, but it has finally warmed back up.  We actually had temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s over the weekend.  Then it’s back home to make a couple of backings.  I have 2 quilt tops to ship out for quilting.  My goal is to blog again before I leave on Monday for a 5 day cruise – yes, a cruise.  It’s actually one of three that I will enjoy this year.  This one goes out of Tampa on Royal Caribbean’s Jewel.  In April,  Paula and I will be on Stitchin’ Heaven’s Civil War cruise (Paula is teaching and I will her teaching assistant) and in June Peter and I are doing an Eastern Mediterranean cruise out of Rome.  With cruises, Spring Market and new BOM, it will be a very busy next few months!!!! I’ll try to keep you updated here!

Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


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