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To Do Lists

Do you like to  make “to do” lists?  I do.  Actually I love a good “to do” list.  Sometimes mine are very specific and detailed, sometimes they are for a long period of time and other times they are just a list of things I have to do on a particular day – errands, jobs, whatever.

While I enjoy writing the list and detailing just what I have to do, I think part of the enjoyment comes from crossing out an item when it is completed.  And I’ll be honest here, sometimes I have even added an item to a list when I have already completed it just so I can cross it out.  I completed the task, so shouldn’t I get credit for it????  It’s not like I share these lists with anybody.  They are just for me and me alone, but should anyone just happen to ask what I did today, I would be proud to share my list of crossed off/completed tasks!!!

Currently I have about 5 “to do” lists in progress:

1. Spring Market List – this is a list of the new quilts and re-do quilts that we need to have ready for Spring Market.  I can proudly say that I crossed off one of these items.  On Thursday I shipped the quilt featuring Paula’s new Tavern Blues II collection to Lynn and Cathy in Jacksonville for quilting.  I have to say it is beautiful.  This list is a long range planning list and it takes a while for something to actually be crossed off!!  Here’s a sample of one of the blocks.


2. Packing List – I have 3 cruises and Spring Market in the next 3 1/2 months, so I started a clothes list.  I picked the longest cruise (Eastern Mediterranean – 12 nights at sea and 4 nights in Rome) and figured out what I would need in terms of evening wear (formal and smart casual) and day wear (excursions/sightseeing), checked out my closet and decided what I still needed.  My thoughts – if I have enough clothing for this cruise, everything else would be easy!  I also had to think about what would fit in my luggage and how much Peter hates when I bring too much!!  I keep telling him I need options, but he doesn’t seem to understand that.  Mister “all I need is 1 suit and 3 ties for the 3 formal nights” just doesn’t get it!!!!  This list is still a work in progress.

3. Blog Topics – I learned that this can be called an “Editorial Calendar”.  This may not really be a true “to do” list, but I can plot out ideas for future posts.  I really like this.  Not every blog post will go on the calendar and I know you will find this hard to believe, but sometimes I don’t have something to write about, so this will give me a list of topics to work from – filler, maybe.

4. Daily/Weekly ListYou are going to be really impressed with this one – I have an actual “Things To Do TODAY” pad.  The current pad is green, but I also have blue.  I found them at our printers (Katy Printers) and I just love them.  I usually pick up about 6 of them when I go back to Texas.  I may have to increase my purchase – Caitlin has discovered them!!! I use paper and pen for my lists.  I don’t like using a computer – I don’t get the same enjoyment when I cross something out on a computer as I do on paper.  Yeah, weird, I know!!!

To Do List

5. Individual Quilt List – Now this is where we get really detailed.  This has every quilt that is being made and all the places it has to go before it is officially finished: top pieced, quilting, binding, photo shoot and pattern printed.  There are a lot of “works in progress” on this list.  The re-do of Kennesaw Mountain is still in the top piecing phase, but here’s some of the flying geese that are finished.  Paula’s new collection, Hampton Ridge, that is being used for our new BOM  is also being used for Kennesaw Mountain.  I love these colors and the small prints.

Sarah Emma flying geese

Sorry the photo is a so blurry, but it’s after midnight and I’m getting a little blurry too!!

6. Tomorrow’s List – Megan arrives tomorrow afternoon, so we are having family over for a pre-birthday bash for Caitlin’s 26th birthday, which is next week.  We will have an “adult” celebration when we return from the cruise.  Tomorrow I have to clean up the house a little.  We “dog-sat” today for Copper and another little dog, so needless to say my floors are a mess – there’s dog hair in every corner!!!  I’ve also got to think about feeding all of these people – trust me, it won’t be anything fancy – it’s more about just getting together with everyone and having a good time.  Then at some point I need to think about packing for the cruise.  We leave Monday afternoon and it’s only 5 days, so that shouldn’t be too hard.  I know I’ll bring more than I need, but again, it’s all about options!!

I’ll post again when I get back, so until next time, happy quilting.

Mary Ellen


2 thoughts on “To Do Lists

  1. i have an entire book of lists…my planner. and i love lists! i love that you admitted to putting things on your list just to be able to check them off…i do that too! hugs and i hope you have a wonderful trip. safe travels

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