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Big Day

Yup, big doin’s going on here today.  The fabric arrived for the Hampton Ridge Block of the Month shop kits.  A FedEx Freight truck delivered 773 lbs – that’s 2015 yds !!!  I’ve been anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.  I’ve finished the first quilt and I’m working on the second quilt (yes, we make 2 of these so Paula and I each get one!!!), so I’ve been waiting to start cutting, folding and stacking.  Here’s the pallet that held all of the fabric – and I got to keep the pallet too!!!


The first quilt is done – pieced, quilted, bound and photographed.  The brochures have been sent to all of the Marcus Fabrics sales reps, so shop owners are starting to see it and deciding if they want to participate.  The shop kits will ship in June and you will start seeing posters and quilts anytime after that.  And because the information is out there and the quilt is on Marcus’ website, I thought I would share a little sample of some of the blocks.  I’m testing the pattern by remaking all of the blocks, so here’s a little sample of some of these cuties – yup, 5″ finished blocks again.


Now it’s time to gather my troops and start the cutting and folding.  Tonight we’ll start on the big pieces – borders, etc for the finishing kits. Eventually it all fills up one of my guest rooms!!!

The cruise was great, but I ended up with a cold and then a sinus infection.  Needless to say I’ve been kind of out of it for the past week.  I haven’t even changed the voice mail message – my voice sounded so bad, I didn’t want to re-do our message sounding like that!!!!  But now it’s back to work!!!

Until next time, happy quilting.

Mary Ellen


5 thoughts on “Big Day

  1. Oh my! I love love love these but I guess since I haven’t finished CClub I’m not allowed. (not to mention my wrist is tweaked so not quilting for me) but oh Mary Ellen, these are completely 100% right up my alley. Hmm… maybe I’ll have to purchase then set aside. Y’all knocked it out of the park – again.

  2. LOL – 773 POUNDS of fabric!!! However, I have my next two quilt patterns all picked and they’ll make a nice dent in the fabric stash…these look tempting!

    • Best part – Anne just folded some of those 773 lbs of fabric and I have her signed up for a few more days!!! Her “snowbird” time in Florida is timed perfectly for my shop kit prep!! She folds for quilts!!!!

  3. That BOM will be amazing. Love the quilt. The fabrics are outstanding! Where can i sign up to fold for quilts? LOL! You sound like you will be busy busy busy until May. I had a chance to see a few of the new quilts at the Dallas quilt show over the weekend. They look amazing.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. these look yummy, thanks for the teaser! i did go to the customs house and i have pictures loaded on my blog. when you get a chance, maybe you can take a peek. hugs, ronda

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