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Exciting News

Today I have 4 exciting/interesting/new things to share with you. Let’s start with the  most exciting:

We have a quilt in the June 2013 American Patchwork and Quilting magazine!!!!!!!! (Insert cheering and shouting here).  Our quilt, Haberdashery, featuring Paula’s Freedom Rings fabric is on page 108. I received my copy yesterday, so they should be out on newsstands and in stores soon. So now I get to grab my daughter or my sister-in-law and take them to the fabric section of JoAnn’s and nonchalantly find the magazine and open to page 108 and in a not-so-quiet whisper, say” “here’s our new quilt”.  Hopefully there will be people around and someone will hear, but we’ll have to see.  If I’m by myself, I just smile quietly, but on the inside I’m screaming:  “hey, hey, I made this quilt and it’s in a magazine!!!!”

Here’s a picture of Haberdashery.  Meanwhile, I would love to meet the person that picks the names for the quilts.  They are so good.  Paula and I agonize every time we need a new quilt name or she needs a name for a fabric collection.  Kits will be available for Haberdashery.  They will be on the website soon, but for now you can just call us.  Shipping will be slightly delayed as our shipper – Paula – is out of town, anxiously awaiting the birth of grandchild #2.  1 week and counting overdue!!!

Haberdashery June 2013

Congratulations to Sarah and Dolores of Homestead Hearth for “Red, White and Stars” which is on the cover.  Now, if I was in JoAnn’s with my daughter or sister-in-law I would point out that I know these people.  Yeah, it’s one of those “I know famous people” moments!!!  Hey, you gotta get your thrills somewhere!!!

APQ June 2013 cover

“Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. ©2013 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.”

Exciting thing #2 – all of the fabric for the finishing kits for the Hampton Ridge shop kits are cut and folded and resting on one of my guest beds.  They need to be labeled and then stacked and tied for the actual kits.  My sister-in-law is also flying through the monthly cut fabric.  She really wants that quilt I’m making because she folds shop kit fabric.  I better get busy cutting the remaining months – they’re heading back up north at the end of the month!!!

HR Finishing kit fabric

Exciting thing #3 – month 5 blocks are almost done – so here’s a sample.  These are different fabrics from the ones I shared the other day from month 1.

HR month 5 blocks

Exciting thing #4 – this has nothing to do with quilting, but I just need to share.  I only wear my glasses for reading, so Tina (the girl that does my hair and makes me gorgeous once month) has never seen me wear glasses.  Now because I’m getting color on my hair and I don’t want the dye on my glasses, I don’t wear them while I struggle to read People magazine as the color is setting. This usually means I have to hold the magazine at a certain distance away from and really work hard to make out just what it says.  Thankfully People is not big on long articles!!!!  Now, here’s the exciting part:  another lady, who came in wearing her glasses, asked Tina for the “eyeglass sleeves”.  It seems they make plastic sleeves that go over the temples (I had to Google this because I didn’t know what they were called) and they protect your glasses from the dye!!!  Who knew!!!!  See you learn something new everyday.

Until next time, happy quilting!!

Mary Ellen


4 thoughts on “Exciting News

  1. You should be doing some bragging! Heck, not only do I name drop that I know you/Bonnie Blue/RedCrinoline in quilt stores I have been given the “evil eye” by my sister as I ROFL at her graceful manipulation of conversations in quilt shops with me about her sister-in-law the quilter.
    Can’t believe you got her to cut and fold 773 pounds of fabric in exchange for a quilt! Nice work, ME!!

  2. Hey girlfriend…let me know when it’s time to put those blocks into shop kits! My hands and shoulders are ready…plus I’m bringing “Arthur” medicine with me! Love you and love your quilt!!

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