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Random Thoughts from Paula

MEN! This time of year always has me thinking of MEN.  Why?  Because it’s only a month away from my husband’s birthday and I need to start thinking of what to get him for his big day. What kind of cool manly item can I purchase for him?

Do you have a man to think of at this time of year? Do you know of someone who may be graduating in May? Is it too early to start thinking of Father’s Day?  Father’s Day? What about Mother’s Day? Ok get hold of yourself! One thing at a time.

These thoughts of MEN…..lead me to think of which of our quilts would be a good gift for a man.

Here are my picks.
Lincoln's Watch

My 1st pick is Lincoln’s Watch. Our kit is made of gorgeous blues, browns, blacks, golds and tans. This quilt was my father’s favorite quilt. He was a high school trigonometry, algebra and geometry teacher for 31 years and he loved how the circles interconnected. I always think of him when I look at this quilt.



Second Hand Clothes - blues, browns

My 2nd pick is Second Hand Clothes. In the same colors as Lincoln’s Watch, this quilt is easier to piece and larger than Lincoln’s Watch if you have a tall fellow.




River Road Baskets cover

My 3rd pick is River Road Baskets. Yes, a basket quilt for MEN. This was a sell out at Festival last year and we have restocked this quilt kit. By far the favorite of all the MEN who walked into our booth.  One gentleman even tried to buy the actual quilt  from us on the spot.




Vicksburg Tavern Red

My 4th pick and is our new Vicksburg. We have always loved this quilt and have revised the pattern to make a larger version. Now tell me what man does not love a great paisley? Made from Tavern Collection Red by Marcus Brothers, this quilt features the red paisley print as an alternate block and is finished off with a great border.




Old Abe

My 5th and last pick is Old Abe. We had several ladies purchase this quilt at our last quilt show for a young man in their lives who was about to join the armed services. What a great quilt this is for just that purpose. Old Abe is made from Freedom Rings by Marcus Brothers and includes a border print of eagles that are the vertical sashing separating
our “faux” Lemoyne star blocks (no set in seams).


Enjoy your week!

Haberdashery June 2013

Paula’s thoughts on quilts for men got me to thinking and I would add Haberdashery to her list.  This quilt is in the June 2013 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting and is made from Freedom Rings also.  I’ve taken a number of phone orders for this quilt kit and many of the ladies mentioned they were making this for a son or grandson.



All of the kits are available on our website.  Just click on the link and it will take you right there.  Even better, if you start now, I’ll bet you could have one of these done in time for a special graduation or Father’s Day!!!

Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen

Final note:  I have no clue how this post is going to look when it finished and posted.   In “Preview”, it looks good – all of the pictures are lined up with their description – but when I save it, everything bunches together.  Here’s hoping that when I hit “Publish” it looks right!!!!


One thought on “Random Thoughts from Paula

  1. The post looks great. As for a great “manly” gift–I frequently struggle for something, because my husband doesn’t have a lot of needs or any type of collection, but I’m excited for Father’s Day because he is now a big Duck Dynasty fan and so I’m going to get him one of their pretty duck calls. No, he doesn’t hunt, but they are still cool looking.

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