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Busy Day Today

Why, you ask???  Well, today I am trying to get through all of the things on my “To Do” list because tomorrow I fly to Houston BECAUSE Sunday Paula and I leave on a quilt cruise!!!!!  YAY!!!  Can you feel the excitement over here??  Paula is teaching on Stitchin’ Heaven’s 2013 Civil War Quilt Cruise and I get to go along and play teaching assistant/teacher’s aide/companion/along-for-the-ride person/roommate/you-name-it person!!!!!  I don’t really care, I’m going on a cruise!!!!

Deb, owner of Stitchin’ Heaven and quilt cruise expert, does a wonderful job at this quilt cruise thing.  75 quilters (and assorted spouses/companions/friends), 75 sewing machines, 3 teachers, 3 great quilts,  pre-cut kits, 3 classrooms, great itinerary (Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica), great ship (Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas), and great port (Galveston).  This is Paula’s 2nd time with Deb and she’s going again next spring – oh yeah, me too!!!  Check Stitchin’ Heaven’s website for details.  Plus our good friends, Gloria and Merry Anne, are joining us.  I promise to take some great pictures (well, maybe just some pictures – not so sure about the “great” thing) and share when I get back.

It’s a busy day, but it’s also been a busy week.  I finished cutting the 773 lbs of fabric for the Hampton Ridge BOM shop kits and now it’s in piles and bins in one of the guest rooms.  Shop kit assembly will be post cruise.  I had a good friend concerned that with all that cutting maybe I should get some physical therapy before the cruise.  Her concern was that my arm might be too sore to lift up my “Drink of the Day” glass.  I assured her that they all came with straws and I would be just fine!!!!!

I’ve also been finishing up the blocks for the 2nd Hampton Ridge BOM quilt.  Month 9 is almost done and month 10 is cut and ready to be pieced (on the “To Do” list).  Month 9 and 10 and the Finishing kits are all part of the 3rd shipment of fabric, so here’s a picture so you can see  the last of the fabrics in the collection.  AND yes, here’s the cheddar!!!

HR month 9 blocks

We are also using the Hampton Ridge collection in another quilt for Spring Market – a re-do of Kennesaw Mountain.  Here’s a picture of 8 of the blocks.  I am so in love with this collection!!!

Kennesaw Mtn blocks

I think the “To Do” list is calling me – there are borders to be cut to take on the cruise, kits to be packed up, some pre-cruise errands (bank for shopping cash – hello, we’re going to Cozumel – I see silver jewelry in my future!!), and of course the actual cruise packing!!  I’ve finished the wash and the little bit of ironing I had to do and pretty much all of my clothes have been selected and placed in a designated area of my closet, so packing shouldn’t take too long!!!  Haven’t selected shoes yet though, they are always a problem – I always want to take more than I really should!!!

So until next time, happy quilting!!

Mary Ellen

PS – On a non-quilting note – how many of you are playing Candy Crush Saga?  Are you as addicted as I am?  Are you as frustrated as I am on some of these levels?  Will you allow me a moment to vent about level 70?  Seriously, how am I ever going to clear the jelly on the right side, if I can’t get any striped candy or larger on the left side!!!!!!  Ok, I’m better now.  I just had to get that out!!! Thank you for listening!!! LOL.


2 thoughts on “Busy Day Today

  1. Level 70!! Are you kidding me? I’m on 30! Yes… you have an addiction…. HOWEVER… an even BETTER game is Bubble Atlantis. OMG… I’ll show you on the cruise… you’re gonna’ want to do it!

  2. Mary Ellen, I just want to thank you for introducing me to Candy Crush Saga. I had resisted forever but when I saw you blog about it, I thought “I like Mary Ellen, she’s a lot of fun, . . .if she’s enjoying this Candy Crush thing, there’s gotta be something there. So, now, I’m hooked. Thanks! Just what I needed–something to distract me from all the deadlines. I know all the people waiting on me are going to appreciate this new addiction!

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