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Cruise Update

Sadly the cruise is over and it’s back to the real world!!!  A good time was had by all.

The cruise was sponsored by Stitchin’ Heaven Quilt Shop in Mineola, TX.  Deb Luttrell is the owner and quilt cruise expert.    Anyone that can keep 76 quilters and their assorted “extras” (total of 105 people) happy really knows what she’s doing.  Deb’s son Clay organizes the various cruises and bus trips that Stitchin’ Heaven Travel sponsors.  Check out the website for some of their future cruises.  Paula is already signed up to teach on the Legacy Cruise in March 2014.

I thought I would share some pictures from Paula’s classes:

This picture is actually from the last night of the cruise.  From left to right:  Clay, Deb, and the 3 teachers: Jerry Stuebe (Quilters Quarter in Leavenworth, KS), Paula, and Denice Lipscomb (Common Threads Quilting in Waxahachie, TX).


Paula taught Gettysburg, a variation of Charlotte.


There are 3 days at sea and the teachers each taught a different group on each day.  The sewing rooms are in the Conference Center and are open 24/7 and believe me there were people sewing just about all the time.  On the 3 port days (Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica), many of the quilters took advantage of the great excursions Royal Caribbean has to offer – snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and stingrays, sightseeing tours and shopping – and many worked on their 3 projects.  One of the quilters even managed to complete 2 of her quilt tops.  Here she is with Paula and her completed Gettysburg quilt!!!  Way to go!!!


One of the ladies decided to celebrate her little granddaughter with her own version of Gettysburg in Aunt Gracie fabrics.  Love this!!!!


The Conference Center was divided into 3 classrooms and 1 room that was the “store” and ironing center or “ironing trough” as I called it.  9 irons in a line and often 9 “ironers”.  This is what you would often see when you walked into that room!!!


Just some random pictures:  Our dear friend,Gloria working on her Spinning Stars for Gettysburg and Paula demo-ing sewing Spinning Stars.



Don’t you just love our t-shirts!!!  We wore them for our group picture.  10 of us were in an elevator on our way to the photo shoot and the elevator door opened up for a young man.  He saw all of us in our pink shirts and basically panicked!!!!  Poor thing couldn’t even step into the elevator.  We offered encouragement, as you know only we can, but he just backed away!!!!

And now it’s time to get ready for Spring Market.  It’s just around the corner!!!  I’ve been working hard since I got back home and I’ll share some pictures and updates next time.

Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


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