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Packed and ready to go

I’ve had a “golden oldie” playing in my head all day – “All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…”.  You should be very happy that you can’t hear me singing that!!!  Actually Peter and I just loaded the car.  I’m heading out bright and early (that’s about 9 AM Mary Ellen time) for the Camp Blanding Summer Retreat.  This is a bonus retreat for us.  Gloria usually only plans a Fall and Winter retreat, but this one is special – all of the retreat fees are being donated to the base’s Gold Star program, which benefits the soldiers and their families.  I’m a little sad though because I only packed for one.  Usually Paula joins me at the retreats and I pack up 2 of everything – sewing machines, tables, chairs, irons, etc – but she just got back from teaching and needs to get somethings done at home.

Packed for retreat

I have enough projects packed to keep me busy for at least 2 weeks, but you have to over pack!!!  Who knows, maybe I’ll just fly through everything and come home with nothing else to do!!! LOL!!!!  I’m picking up 3 quilts that need binding and I have 2 baby quilts, 2 sets of 288 snowball blocks for an exchange, and 1 handbag and that’s only the personal stuff!!!  I’m finishing up a new quilt from Paula’s newest collection – Bordeaux and Sienna – and starting a re-do of Arlington from Summit Rose.  The Bordeaux and Sienna quilt and fabric will both be available in the Fall and the Arlington kit should be on the website in about 1 month.

Bordeaux and Sienna

Bordeaux and Sienna is just yummy!!!  The large print is to die for and I think I will probably need a whole bolt of it for myself.  I may just sit and stare it and bask in its glory!!!!

For the new Arlington, we are going to use the gorgeous border stripe and light grey fabric from Summit Rose and 2 blacks from Paula’s Companions collection.  The light grey is already packed in the car and Paula is sending the black fabric to Camp Blanding, but here’s a picture of the border.

Summit Rose border

Hopefully in my next post I will be directing you to our new blog.  I’m bringing my computer so Heather can show me how the new one works.  Can’t wait!!!

Until next time, happy quilting,

Mary Ellen


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